Depression? Here Are The 5 Things You Can Do

Depression? Here Are The 5 Things You Can Do

Feeling sad when some things aren’t going as you expected them to is normal. It is a mood you can change by doing the things you love. Unfortunately, depression is a medical condition that you can’t just snap out of. If you’re going through depression, you will find it challenging to enjoy the things you did, and you may not be sleeping or eating enough. Though this is a medical condition which needs treatment, there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel better.

According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance or DBSA, major depressive disorders affect more than 14.8 million American adults and the average onset age is 32 years. So, if you’re going through depression, don’t think that you’re alone because there are millions of others throughout the world who are going through the same thing.

While there are many things that experts recommend you to do when you’re feeling depressed, we’ve trimmed the number down to five, so it’s easier for you to take a step-by-step approach.

Exercise and Meditate

Though you may not be in the mood to exercise when you’re depressed, you must motivate yourself to do it because it lifts the spirit. Don’t do aerobics if you don’t like them but instead call up a friend and go on a run to the nearest park with them. You won’t only appreciate the company but will also get a chance to breathe the fresh air and get it into your system. Other than exercise, also try to take some time out for yoga or Pilates as these will teach you meditation techniques which will help you in keeping your mind and body refreshed. Research from John Hopkins suggests that you may be able to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety simply by sitting down and meditating.

Identify the Problematic Areas

Depression is usually brought on by specific triggers. Identify the situations and things that have contributed to your depression and talk about it with a friend or mental health professional. You can contact a mental health counselor using a reliable telemedicine platform.

However, remember that though it is a good idea to pinpoint the issues and get them out of your system by talking to someone, you shouldn’t dwell on them because this will result in furthering the mental health condition. Instead, focus on the things that make you feel happy and alive and try to get past the difficulties you were facing.

Don’t Ignore Your Physical Health

People who are depressed will either oversleep and overeat or be the victims of insomnia and malnutrition. Both of these things are symptoms of depression and it is not something you should ignore. Remember that just like your mental health affects your physical health, the same is true when you flip the scenario. When your body isn’t getting the right nutrition, your brain’s ability to function will deteriorate, and you’ll feel sad and depressed. Moreover, lack of sleep has been closely linked with depression so make sure you try to get some rest even if you can’t fall to sleep immediately after getting into bed. Adults need 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Have a Support System

Depressed people are known to isolate themselves from the rest of the world because they think that they’ll be ridiculed if they express what they’re feeling. However, separating yourself from your friends and family members may be the worst thing you’ll do for your depression because being alone acts as a catalyst for the mental condition.

Share your fear, anxiety, and apprehensions with your family and friends or join a support group where other people share their own experiences and help each other by talking about what troubles their mind. The only way you can quiet down your depressed thoughts is if you keep them out by talking about them with other people in a supportive environment.

Appreciate the positive things in your life

Finally, if you’re depressed, you need to remember that this mental health condition stems from feeling sad and having a negative outlook on life. To battle the disease, one of the most crucial things you can do is to stay focused on the things that are good in your life and the ones which make you happy. Make a habit of listing down all the positives in your life every day you wake up in the morning and then look at them whenever you’re feeling down. This won’t only help lift the depressive mood but will also make you appreciate what you have more.

Though depression is becoming more and more common, there is still a stigma attached to it. However, you need to remember that with the proper treatment and some effort on your part, it is entirely possible for you to feel better and leave depression behind.

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